My name is Marina and I am a couch potato.  Who wants to run a marathon one year from now…maybe even sooner.  This seems as likely to happen as becoming president.  I’m lazy.  There’s nothing I like better after a hard day at work than just zoning out to a good tv show and takeout food.  I don’t have the willpower to drag myself to the gym or track on days like that.  Who would want to subject themselves to running for 26.2 miles?  Is dreaming of running a marathon the first sign of craziness?

Back in high school, I envied the kids on the track team.  They seemed so dedicated, so athletic, so much cooler than the dumb jocks who played football or baseball.  So unlike me.  I was not athletic in any way.  I’m a very slow runner.  I hated gym.  It was a torture device invented by former popular kids to harass straight-A students.  That dumb class pulled down my GPA.  I envied the teenagers I read about in faraway states who were not forced to take gym all four years.

I briefly thought of trying out for track, but instinctively knew that I was not ready for that kind of commitment to anything.  I have no self-discipline.  When I tell myself that I’ll do something, I usually give up way too soon.  Tried yoga a few times, enjoyed it, but could not commit myself to the daily practice that was recommended.  Read tons of self-help books, but couldn’t seem to force myself to practice the skills I read about.  Got into some form of exercise for a few weeks at most, then promptly gave up whenever some kind of stress popped up.  Quit diets whenever a strong craving hit.  Wanted to write a book or blog but couldn’t get past a few pages.  Yep I have absolutely no discipline.  Will I give up on marathon training before I even sign up for a 5K?

So the ambitious part of me decided to kill two birds with one stone–train for a marathon and write on a consistent basis–by writing a blog about training for a marathon.  Maybe if I put my goals “out there” I’ll actually follow them!  Even if my biggest motivation initially is writing every week for the handful of friends and family that I hope will read this.  I can give up and disappoint myself again…but I can’t let other people down.  Hopefully I’ll actually become intrinsically motivated by running.  It’s supposed to be one of the best ways to exercise, clear your head, process energy, challenge yourself…and become fit and athletic.

But first I have to get off the couch!