Time really is flying.  I can’t believe it’s already December, and winter is officially only 3 weeks away!  Maybe I picked the wrong time to start training for a marathon.  I really don’t want to run in the cold, snow, and ice.  Ok so the conditions aren’t that dire yet in Jersey, and in fact there have been some good weather days here lately.  But that won’t last long.  Soon the weather will be miserable.

I could easily use that as an excuse not to run.  The critical voice inside can have a field day with that one.  Don’t worry-I’m not hearing voices 🙂  But it would be so easy to rationalize.  “Real runners” train outside, and wouldn’t think twice about giving up running for any reason.  They can probably experience the elusive runner’s high wherever, whenever.  They’re most likely bored by treadmills and indoor tracks.

Taking a step back, I remind myself that I’m still a beginner.  It’s ok to dread the cold, and not be ready yet to rough it outside.  If I have to run all winter on a treadmill, so be it.  As long as I’m training, that’s all that matters.  Winter can be my “treadmill season.”  In fact, maybe that’s a perfect way for a beginner to build up a foundation.  I can still focus on increasing my miles and speed indoors.  Nobody’s judging me, except myself.  Running is running, whatever the setting.

Hopefully someday after running 10 miles I’ll experience the magical runner’s high.  Maybe I’ll look back at my beginning days and laugh at how weak I once was.  What will it take to join the exclusive “real runners” club?!  Will finishing a 5K suffice?  Going a step further with the 10K?  Or is it only the marathon that separates the athletes from the whiners? 🙂

So treadmill season begins for this future athlete…